"We loved it! We played Storyology® this Thanksgiving with a group of about fifteen people. It engaged players from 6-70+. What this game does, is it gets the stories and memories rolling between friends and family members.  In a time when people spend too much time on devices, we had a truly wonderful time talking and laughing" 

- Katie, Minneapolis

About a month ago at my office here in Minnesota we had some coworkers from our Canadian division in and someone brought in Storyology®! It was a great way for the office to sit down and open up the conversation with the coworkers from out of town! It was such a great game to make people feel relaxed so I bought one for myself and I will share the story of Storyology® with friends and families!"

- Kayla, Minneapolis

"Kindergarten through 2nd grade meltdowns are an everyday thing in my office. Last week, a highly agitated five year old was sent to me for being aggressive in her classroom.  A Storyology® disc was sitting on my desk and it caught her attention immediately. She spun it and within seconds she was talking about stories in her life.  Its fun and it works, its a great tool for redirecting anxiety. Whats extra helpful is I also have a Spanish version, that gets used twice as much in this office."

- Mr. L,  Elementary School Behavioral Specialist, Hennepin County

"Picked up Storyology® at The Big One craft fair early today. Played with the family at supper and had a blast! Thanks for such an awesome game!"

- Courtney, Minot


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