"Great game. We have enjoyed this game while in lockdown with our young adult kids. Having conversations we may have never had before."

  - Florida Dad 


"Great conversation for friends and family I originally purchased a travel size one in Minneapolis from the owner! I enjoy it so much I decided to get the table one also. We travel with both now to hear stories and learn information from people we've not known about. It is especially good for senior people to draw out their past. What is crazy is the young kids (10 year old) really liked it. It's makes a great gift."

 - Lisa 


"Great for family and friends.This is such a simple and brilliant concept! The game is beautifully made, fun to play, educational, and fascinating!"

- Kelly 


"Easy to use and fun to play. This is such an easy game to play. A great way to get to know friends and even family members even better. The memory round is lots of fun as you try to recall all the stories that people shared. Highly recommend!"

- Gadget 


"Love this family game! The travel version is a blast to keep in the diaper bag and camper."

  - Lisa 2


"Great conversations start with this! Actually bought this from the owner last summer! We have played it around the campfire and around the table on game night. We may not follow the "rules" exactly, but it's always fun to get the conversation going around your memories and experiences."

- Danette 


"Fun family-friendly game! I purchased this yesterday and am very pleased. The game is suitable for all ages, kids to adults; even young toddlers could play, with a little help. It's a fun way to share memories among family and friends. It would be a great icebreaker type game, too. This game is lightweight and it comes in a handy storage folder. I will be taking it along on our camping trips this summer and plan to purchase more for gifts."

 - Karen 


"Simple, fun game to play for any age. Great ice breaker or for family fun time. Played with my 3 boys. We each enjoyed hearing each other’s stories. Great for all ages to connect."

- RN Mom 


“Great for family bonding. We have been spinning the wheel after our Friday night take-out meals together. Prompts great discussions with our young adult kids while we are sheltering in place.

- Cheri


“This is a fun game, which can be played with small or large groups. I purchased this for my family, but also used it as an ice breaker game at work. My goal was to introduce my new hire agents to the team, but we ended up learning more about team members we have known for years. This is a fun game, which can be played with small or large groups, and the game can be short or long.”

- Amanda


"We loved it! We played Storyology® this Thanksgiving with a group of about fifteen people. It engaged players from 6-70+. What this game does, is it gets the stories and memories rolling between friends and family members.  In a time when people spend too much time on devices, we had a truly wonderful time talking and laughing" 

- Katie

( this last comment is one for our history books. As it was this single post that prompted the immediate need this website in 2015, thank you for the on-going support everyone!!!)

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