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Take turns and tell one story per round.  Share story topics with any player at anytime. Quiz your memory about different chapters in your life (first, best, last). To win, repeat back the most stories during the final round. In the end it's a listening contest.


1. To begin, spin the disc and stop it. Use the power symbol as an arrow to select the first player.

2. On your turn: spin and stop the disc on a word with your finger to choose a story subject (or pass it upside down to the next player).

Storyology® Game Disc - Spin it or Pass it

3. The word under your finger is your story topic. 
    The story “theme” changes every round:

     • First round: You will tell a story about your “First + Topic”
                           (example - first pet)

     • Second round: your story will be about your  Best + Topic” 
                               (example - best beach)

     • Last round: You will talk about your “Last + Topic”
                          (example - last trip)


4. It’s your story. Pick a topic you like on your turn. Choose any word near your finger or resin the disc. Get social, it’s a custom to add on to any topic of conversation instead of spinning the disc for your turn. Any player may mirror and reuse any current story topic they wish to continue (once per round).

5. Tell a quick story (2 minutes or less) *Spin the disc like a top, use it as a timer to keep turn taking fair. Try to finish speaking before it stops (continue as needed). Include details like where, when, and what happened? Any curious player may ask questions while the disc is still spinning.

6. Continue steps 2-5 until each player has completed all three rounds.

7. Remember to listen carefully to the details of everyone’s stories if you want to win. Interested people create interesting parties!

HOW TO WIN: The Memory Showdown?

8. After every player has told at least three stories, start the memory recap round. Spin, stop and use the arrow to randomly select someone to begin.

9. Taking turns, each player will retell one story from any round in any order. Continue around the group, player by player, retelling as many stories as the group can remember.

10. The last player able to repeat a story is the game winner. Forgetting topics is ok and the fun part of the game, total recall is not required. Last recap wins.


• Include the topic with at least one detail in a sensible sentence (for example, “someone told a story about a…”).

• Do not repeat the same story twice. If you do you are out.

• Think fast or pass! You only get 5 seconds to begin your recap before you must pass to the next player (and you are out.)

• Team co-op variation: Hints are allowed (one word clues). Share details but not the topic-words. In this version the group must repeat ALL of the story topics to win as a team.



Many thanks to Rick & Dan and all the hometown friends that came out to make this video happen.
© 2017

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