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Packaged Game Play Suggestions


Each player will tell three random stories about their life, at least on per round. To win, repeat back a story topic in the final round. "the memory showdown."

1. Go clockwise from the player with the closest birthday. (or spin and use the center arrow symbol to select)

2. Spin and stop the disc with your finger to begin storytelling. (or pass it upside down to the next player)


3. The word under your finger is your story topic.

    • In round one: tell your “FIRST + topic”
    • In round two: tell your “BEST + topic”
    • in round three: tell your “LAST + topic”

(for example; first crush, best job, last trip). If you do not like the topic, choose one beside it, respin or piggy back off any topic following any player)

4. Tell a quick story (2 minutes or less, you may also respin the disc as a timer, finish speaking before it stops) include details like where, when and what happened.

5. Continue until each player has completed all 3 rounds.

6. Remember to listen carefully to the details of everyone’s stories.

PICK A WINNER: “The Memory Showdown”

After the last player has told their third story, begin the memory recap round. Start with the first storyteller (or spin to randomly select this player).

Each player will repeat back one story topic from any round. Continue around your circle, player by player. The last player able to recap a story is the game winner.

Each RECAP: 

must include the story topic and one detail in a sensible sentence, for example, “Someone told a story about a... “

Never recap the same story twice.

You get 5 seconds to begin your sentence before you must PASS to the next player.

Any disputes end in a group vote. In the case of a tie, any bystanders may also vote, majority rules.

The last player able to recap a story, wins the game.



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