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Storyology® is an entertaining all ages social game. Spin the disc. Tell a story. Quiz your memory. Share some fun!

Get Social

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This natural handmade wooden disc is perfect for: parties, dates, family, schools, grandparents, team-building, travel, anytime, anywhere!

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  • 15 Min

    Warm up any dinner, date or meeting.

  • 2-10 Players

    Perfect for intimate conversations or large parties.

  • 3yrs & Up

    A game loved by both the young and the young at heart.

  • Natural

    Made of wood, wrapped in paper, expect variations.


What is it?

Storyology® is a patented story-trading game and listening contest, for anyone, any where...

Target Audience

Ages: 3yrs -108 yrs (tested)
 Time: 5 mins - 2 hours (depends on the size of your group)
 Size: 2-10 players per disc ( more discs only required to shorten game times )

Product Specs

1 oz. 
Twelve Subject Spinning Disc
 1/8 in (5mm) 3 ply assorted plywoods
Laser etched, handmade and packaged in Minneapolis MN

Package Specs

4.5" x 11"
 Summer 2017 update. 
Patented game instructions are wrapped around the game disc as a package. 
Also included is a list of 36 additional topic suggestions

How was it created

Storyology® is invented to be played anywhere. Consider this disc an open-source games-for-learning tool, well suited for any social event.  All you need is a disc and a group of humans curious enough to share some time over their similarities.  This game was created one very hot summer in a legendary garage on the wake of a long adventure. It was played weeks later with a small group of friends at a homecoming brunch. 

How was it developed

Since that summer 1998, the collective list of creative contributors responsible for the concept of this activity looks like a film credit roll.

 Thank you to all of you for your time, memories, laughter, insight, encouragement and of course your comfy couch sleeping accommodations. 

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